Welcome to a free hiking lecture and shopping evening at Bergans Brand Store Tromsø, Wednesday November 29 at 19:00.

This evening, our experienced guide and instructor Bjørn Sekkesæter will talk about long ski tours across Finnmarksvidda, Hardangervidda and Greenland, and will also present the rest of our winter program. Bjørn himself has crossed the Greenland ice sheet a staggering number of times and climbed Kilimanjaro twice, so here you get to hear it from the expert himself!

In addition to Bjørn, Caroline Haug, Tromsø's own tour adventurer and guide, will also be present, and together they will answer any questions you may have about everything from our tours and courses, to trip preparation, and what equipment and training you need for the various expeditions.

So whether you want to go on a weekend trip in Norway or dream of crossing Greenland, we promise lots of hiking fun and inspiration this evening!

When the presentations are finished, there will be a shopping night with -20% off the entire store.


19:00 - 19:30: Winter tours with Bergans Adventures
19:30 - 20:15: Bjørn Sekkesæter talks about our ski trips across Finnmarksvidda, Hardangervidda and Greenland.
20:15 - 21:00: Shopping night with -20% on the entire store

Welcome to the tour evening in Tromsø - we look forward to seeing you!

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Wednesday 19:00

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