Romssa sámi viessu has been given premises

It has been a poorly concealed secret, but now the contract has been signed and an agreement reached. This means that Romssa sámi viessu will move into the port terminal, in the so-called Amundsenhjørnet, on the second floor with a view of Prostneset. 

We write and say Romssa sámi viessu because that's what we want to call it. It means Sami House Tromsø. And we choose the Sami language and hope people will join us in this.

At Havneterminalen we will have nice premises of 272 square meters. The premises will be prepared and undergo some minor adjustments. Then Romssa sámi viessu will be ready to continue its journey towards becoming the meeting place that so many have been waiting for. Here it will be possible to come and be, to talk and ponder. There will be space for art and culture. There will be meeting/course rooms. There will be space for the Sami language. There will be seminars and workshops. There will be a fitting room for trying on gákti/kofte and other garments. There will be space for duodji. There will be space to sit down and write. Coffee will be available here. Romssa sámi viessu has in the past entered into agreements with various actors who want to use the meeting place. We want everyone who wants to be part of Romssa sámi viessu to contact the general manager so that we can get everyone together and coordinate the use of the room.

Initially, we have signed a temporary agreement so that the meeting place can operate while we continue to work on how Romssa sámi viessu can be co-located with other actors.

The official opening date is coming soon. In the meantime, we're starting work and will open, first for sneak peeks, then for events.

For questions, please contact general manager Jill Abelsen Olsen, tel. 99562136 or chairman of the board Torjer Olsen, tel. 41638224

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